January 2024 Update

Happy New Year folks,

I had a really nice time doing a slew of Holiday concerts in December. Since there's a bit less interest in holiday songs after December, I'll be shifting back into classic country mode : )

In 2024 the majority of Songs & Stories concerts I'll be doing will be on the career of Willie Nelson. Willie is my all-time favorite artist and I'm finishing up a book on him now that should be available very soon. If you're a Willie fan, Paramount + just released a four-part documentary on his career. It's four hours in all and I really thought it was well done.  

One of the things I've been working hard on is bringing my concerts to more small theaters/listening rooms around New England. I have some shows that have advanced tickets that I wanted to highlight below. 

January 13th (Saturday) - The Bull Run Restaurant in Shirley, MA. I'm excited to return to the Bull Run. This time I'll be performing the songs of Willie (I did the Highwaymen last time). This will be a solo show. The Bull Run is a place that many of my musical heroes have performed at through the years and I'm looking forward to coming back there. Advanced tickets are $18 and can be purchased at this link.

January 26th (Friday) - The Marilyn Rodman Performing Arts Center in Foxborough. Tickets can be purchased at this link. This is a full-band concert doing the songs of Willie. I grew up in Foxboro and went to this old theater as a kid all the time to see movies. This is a big room (probably the biggest I've done a Songs & Stories concert), so I'm working hard to make this one a success.

Also in January:

Check back on my website (www.mattyorkmusic.com) for updates because there are 3-4 gigs in January that are likely happening that I just need to confirm. I'll update my website once I have received confirmation. The ones below are confirmed:

January 22nd (Monday) - Askew in Providence, Rhode Island opening for Dan Bern. Dan is a great songwriter that has performed at Carnegie Hall and done some really great stuff through the years. He's out on tour and I'll be opening for him, doing my own songs at one of my favorite venues, Askew Providence. Advanced tickets available at www.askewprov.com

Jan. 28th (Sun.) - I'll be at the Duxbury Library at 2pm for a free concert doing the songs of the late, great Johnny Cash. More info on that available at https://www.town.duxbury.ma.us/duxbury-free-library

If you are on social media, you can follow me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mattyorkboston or Instagram at www.instagram.com/mattyorkboston. I generally post a couple of videos to my YouTube channel each month. You can subscribe for free just watch videos at this link

It's looking like I'll be doing a boatload of house concerts in the Summer of 2024. If you'd be interested in me coming to perform, shoot me an email and I can give you the details on how it works. It's super simple and pretty awesome. Lastly, if there's any venue you think it'd make sense for me to come perform at, please let me know.  

New Years Eve performing at the Chatham Drama Guild

Thanks for your continued support,

Matt York


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