February 2023


 Hi folks,

I had a quiet January playing only a handful of gigs. Things ramp up a bit in Feb/March and then it's back to full speed.  

A few highlights I wanted to share: 


Saturday, April 29th will be Willie Nelson's 90th birthday. I'll be doing a Songs and Stories on just Willie at the Newport Playhouse in beautiful Newport, Rhode Island that evening. The Playhouse is a great venue to see a concert and I'm looking forward to it. Advanced tickets should be available soon for those that might be interested.  

Also in April, I'll be returning to Nashville to perform at City Winery there doing the Highwaymen. Advanced tickets for that can be found at https://citywinery.com/nashville. While I'm down there, I'll also be performing on NBC's Today in Nashville and also perform in Knoxville at the Blue Plate Special radio program.  

Here's a version of Johnny Cash's great song "Unchained" Please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel. I plan on uploading some videos regularly while I have some downtime over the winter.  





Month of February is the following: 

Upcoming Gigs: 

February 10th (Fri.) Fellowship Hall Westford 12pm - Johnny Cash - Songs & Stories 

February 11th (Sat.) Framingham Library (Costin Room) 1pm - The Highwaymen - Songs & Stories 

February 12th (Sun.) Chesterfield Community Center 2pm - Johnny Cash - Songs & Stories 

February 18th (Sat.) Aeronaut Canning Everett 8pm - The Highwaymen - Songs & Stories 

Feb. 25th (Sat.) Franklin Library time 2pm - The Highwaymen - Songs & Stories 

February 28th (Tues.) Lynn Senior Center 10:30 am - Johnny Cash - Songs & Stories 


Matt York 



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